Mikey Wulff


Mikey Wulff is an Australian actor known for a variety of roles including his portrayals of Karl in Mako: Island of Secrets, and Billy Nash in Stage Mums. Though excelling at most sports at a young age, Wulff was never tempted to pursue a professional career on the field, instead making the crucial decision to follow his childhood dream of acting. Studying under Tom McSweeney on the Gold Coast, it was only a matter of time until he secured his first television role on Mako Mermaids. Other notable roles include those in Stage Mums (2018) and Harrow (2018). Mastering the American accent, Wulff has also secured a number of supporting roles in feature films including Thor (2016), Aquaman (2018) and In Like Flynn (2018). In early 2018, Wulff was voted Best Actor in The Slot Machine Effect, a short film also taking out awards in categories including Best Film, Best Directing and Best Musical Score at the Brisbane 48h Film Festival. Talented at multi-tasking, Wulff has recently immersed himself as a lead singer in his band, Valorous Dredd - a focus that temporarily took him away from the screen and onto the stage, and remains an ongoing passion project. In the near future, Wulff will be endeavouring on a personal project that may come as a surprise for both his fans and the industry.


Movie Name Release Date
In Like Flynn 11 October 2018